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Dec 19, 2017
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So I was a health sciences major in undergrad with a pre-PA track. Never in love with the idea it just felt like a safe option and I fell into the major in my sophomore year so I was behind the game for pre-med. Money is very tight in my family which is also another reason why I wanted to fast track to PA. Recently was provided an opportunity to take finances out of the equation so now I am reconsidering med school. I did average and graduated from an average college with overall 3.5 GPA and I have most of the core classes necessary but I'm also missing major classes on the MCAT like biochem and physics. I also still need calc, psychology and sociology and possibly another writing course. Most post-bacc courses don't accept people with majority core classes completed so I think that option is out but I feel like I don't have enough to start studying for the MCAT on my own. It just makes me nervous to try and take these classes all on my own without any advisors or university backing up my studies with a committee letter. I also know that if I cant score well on the MCATs all of this is irrelevant. Looking for advice on the best place to start. I am currently working full time as a medical scribe (which has contributed to my decision to MD vs. PA) and have my EMT certification.

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You can do DIY postbac courses without enrolling in a formal program. Most people don't seem to need a formal psych or soc course to do well on that section of the MCAT, but definitely take biochem (most important) and physics (much less heavily tested but still important). You don't need calc or writing for the MCAT, but many schools want calc and all that I've seen want writing. Remember that you don't need to have all your prereqs done before you apply, only before you matriculate (a few schools say by the January before you matriculate) so focus on the courses you'll need for MCAT prep. Check if there's an extension campus near you, e.g., UC Berkeley Extension, Harvard Extension, etc. I'm sure there are threads that list good DIY postbac schools. Good luck!
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