1. D

    Medical Physiology Help!

    Hey guys! I apologize beforehand if this is a common topic, I've searched the forums and could not find any thread. I'm a second semester medical student currently undergoing the GI system. I've been using Constanzo for physio with a bit of Guyton here and there but mostly Constanzo but I've...
  2. ShiShiMD

    Official 2018-2019 GI Fellowship Application Cycle

    Is that Time again. Please post your comments, credentials, and visa status (If you desire). Best of luck to all who apply this year, and we wish the best for you all.
  3. Curious_Kid

    Circulatory system of the fetus

    What is the benefit of having ductus venosus in the fetal circulation?I know it is to bypass the liver sinusoids. But how can it be beneficial to the fetus? Can somebody help me :bored:
  4. PatNanym

    St. Elizabeth's Boston vs Mount Auburn

    IMG on J1. Interested in GI/Cards/HemOnc. Any thoughts on St. Elizabeth's Boston vs Mount Auburn/Harvard Cambridge? Mount Auburn is Harvard-affiliated and has placed its residents into good fellowships, but no fellowships in-house. St. E's has in-house Cards and HemOnc, but I hear stories...