Medical Physiology Help!

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Hey guys!

I apologize beforehand if this is a common topic, I've searched the forums and could not find any thread.

I'm a second semester medical student currently undergoing the GI system. I've been using Constanzo for physio with a bit of Guyton here and there but mostly Constanzo but I've stumbled upon Berne & Levy physiology. I've been told it's the best choice for studying GI.

Any input anybody can pitch in?

Thank you in advance & much regards!

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I never used Berne & Levy, used mostly Constanzo and lecture notes throughout all of physio. If you are only concerned about GI right now, I think every resource hits the main points. I felt like its the most straightforward of all the systems, just know the cell, hormone and receptor details of each section as you move along. On the boards, GI/Endocrine are pretty intertwined.