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  1. S

    Possibilities after OS internship

    Didn't match and doing a non-cat OMS year. I'm an over thinker and am already thinking of all the possibilities 1) I love it, improve my cbse and match next cycle, 2) I love it, but don't match again, 3) I don't like it like I thought I would, and go to GP work (after completing the 1 year...
  2. B

    Is FM a dying field?

    Somewhat conflicted on my current interests. I really like the career flexibility, job flexibility, and diversity that comes with general fields like FM. However, I sometimes worry about its projection moving forward and I’m also unsure on the compensation having heard very great things and...
  3. A

    Internship vs working as GP

    Hi everyone- Was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm a recent graduate (this year), and was hired on as a GP for a year, with mentorship. Seemed like the perfect situation, and I really liked working there- until I got laid off because the expected expansion to evening hours (and...
  4. A

    Specialty vs GP? How to chose? Would you do it over again?

    Hey! New to the forum, current 4th year student, always debating between specialty and GP/non-residency careers. So naturally I have a lot of questions... What made you chose specialty vs GP/non-residency career? I was also wondering what people's thoughts and experiences with pursuing...
  5. D

    GP in uk after FM residency in us for us img

    I am planning to settle in uk after doing residency in family medicine. So is residency from here recognised in uk because they have a longer course i suppose. If anyone knows what is the method of applying there and is it possible?
  6. N

    Rheum: Starting prednisone on suspected conditions as initial treatment question

    Hello, this is my first post. I'm from Chile and I'm in my first year of internship. Once a Rheumatologist told us to not starting prednisone in rheumatoid arthritis suspicion (we don't have access to DMARDs as general practitioners) because at time of referral there will be no objective...
  7. J

    Question for upcoming test

    Hello everyone, If a patient comes to a medical practitioner with a fever of 39 degrees Celsius, malaise, and blue spots on the legs, what would you do first? Measure blood pressure, check for neck stiffness, check the body temperature or take blood samples and why would you do this first...
  8. wengerout

    GP vs. Ortho

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if it still makes sense to pursue an Ortho residency or would I be better off being a GP and then taking a bunch of Ortho CE? I know with the rise of "Super GP's" the future of Ortho might be uncertain. What do you guys think?
  9. TYoukhana

    Healthcare practitioner (current and new) opinions on leasing space

    Hello all, I am trying to help a few clients of mine in finding healthcare office space to lease or lease to own in the Chicagoland area and want to find a better way to streamline my searches based on what's the most important items you all typically look for in a space. If possible, please...
  10. Temook27

    Can I Get in a U.S. Med School?

    Hey Guys. I am currently a liberal arts major, Always had a problem in Choosing, what I wanted to do. Finally, I decided to become a doctor. (General Practitioner). I was a very good student in a high school. Had streight A-s. Then lost an interest in college, and I was not taking studying...
  11. C

    IMG looking for answers

    I'm a Trinidadian IMG, and by IMG I mean straight out of medical school in the Caribbean. I'd like some advice on the relative prospects of eventually working in Canada provided that I became a permanent resident. I've read about the hoops and 5% acceptance rates etc for IMGS for hours...days...