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  1. T

    what high school courses do I need to go to medical university in Germany/Norway?

    Hi, I would like to go to medical school either in Germany or Norway. I've just started my grade 11 in Canada. I've been searching for medical university requirements in Germany/Norway, but I can't seem to find what courses I need to take to apply at medical university. It would be very...
  2. I

    Applying to Medical School In Germany

    Hey Everyone, About me, I am an American living in Germany (seriously) considering applying to medical school here. I have done two years of pre-med undergrad in the US before I moved here. I had very good highschool grades, AP scores, SAT, etc. as well as Bio, Chem, Ochem, Phys, Math in the...
  3. Budding Doctor07

    Luxembourg! Steps for medical career in Luxembourg

    I wanted to know the best way to kick srat a career in the beautiful city/country of Luxembourg As far i read, Luxembourg does not provide PG education for MED Students. So is it advisable to do my PG and specialization before considering LUX? Since there is a need to know German and French, i...
  4. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Austria?

    I am a UG from India, i wanted to know the Post Graduation education in Austria. What are the steps and examinations we need to appear for? As a non EU graduate, Is it difficult when compared to Germany? And the language certificate needed(B2/C1) Waiting for a reply :)
  5. bostonianmed

    Get into Best German Medical School

    Hey guys! I am a student from Moscow, RU, currently studying biology at Boston University (senior year). I am very interested in applying to German Medical school. Could you help me with nice collaboration of all required documents/tests in order to get into. I read a lot of stuff, but got kinda...