• Scariest Story Contest

    Now that it's getting close to Halloween, we're running a contest to hear your scariest stories! These can be scary stories that you've experienced or stories that you've heard and the story with the most reactions will win!



  1. P

    Question about Eyeglass Prescription

    I had an eye exam appointment this past Tuesday. The OD said that my prescription would be emailed to me. A few days went by and I did not receive it. I called multiple times asking for the prescription, and they kept saying that it would be sent to me soon. They finally sent it to me only after...
  2. Heist

    High index

    For a person with a -11 prescription, is there a hige difference in buying 1.74 hi index lenses to justify the cost above the 1.67? It will be the smallest frame 40 mm or so, not rimless, etc. Thanks for any info. I appreciate it.