global epidemiology

  1. MedDesigner

    MD/MPH or BME ?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a non-traditional student looking to get deeper into the medical field. I was an Industrial Design Undergrad and focused on Medical Technology. I created a technology, no working on licensing for rehabilitation tech for deaf and hard of hearing. In my undergrad I focused on...
  2. L

    Epidemiology MPH/MSPH from JHU vs U Mich vs Emory?

    Hi all! I'm having trouble deciding between the global epidemiology MPH programs at U Michigan (MPH global health epi), Emory (MSPH GLEPI), and JHU (MSPH GDEC) - I have some questions for current and former students from any of these programs/schools (or anyone else who can answer), any insight...
  3. L

    Emory MSPH GLEPI (Global Epidemiology)

    Just been accepted to the MSPH GLEPI program at Emory for fall 2016! I've been having a hard time finding info on class sizes, student:faculty ratio, etc. Does anyone know how approx how many students are in the MSPH GLEPI program? Do the MSPH/MPH and GLEPI/EPI have classes together? How large...