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Aug 4, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

I'm a non-traditional student looking to get deeper into the medical field.
I was an Industrial Design Undergrad and focused on Medical Technology. I created a technology, no working on licensing for rehabilitation tech for deaf and hard of hearing. In my undergrad I focused on engineering courses and medical technology in global health. Since finishing my undergrad I started getting much more interested in the science, treatment, and prevention behind neurological disorders and other common diseases. I'm still somewhat interested in medical products when applicable but I think I want to participate in more of the clinical and service side of medicine and working with patients.

I am also very interested in Global Health and combining neurology, epidemiology, and public health. I think a decent amount of experience for medical products where if, in the future, I come a cross a problem that needs to be solved with a product, or tech, I could figure it out. What I want now is the hard science and service side.

I am starting a fellowship next month working in integrative medicine and will have some opportunities to shadow and work with doctors which will give me more experience. I am also looking into some volunteer programs or medical scribe positions to get even more experience and add to my resume.

So, I have been considering a couple different options.
First off, I think I will need to go get a post-bacc. The only course I have right now are 1 semester of Calc I, Conceptual Physics, and Biomaterials Engineering Technology (Masters course but it probably doesn't count towards anything). However, I am not sure if this would do me any good if I decide to go the MS route.

Since I have always been interested in global health (since before my undergrad) and injury prevention, I could go get my post-bacc and then go to medical school to an MD-MPH program.
I could go get an MS in Biomedical Engineering (I was looking at programs like Northwestern and JHU that have one semester to a year abroad) and then go get my MD (or DO).
MS (BME or MPH or related) and then a PhD neuroscience

(As an MD (or DO) my focus would be neurology and epidemiology.)
(Also, would an MD or DO be better, or does it matter?)

My end goal is to work in the field, internationally and domestically, to improve and administer better practices in medicine, expand upon research in medicine, and improve quality of life.

I am trying to consider what is the best decision for my career goals, but also what is realistic on what I can do with my background, in a decent amount of time, and economically.

A little more on my background more succinctly:

B.S. Industrial Design from Philadelphia University (Now Thomas Jefferson University)
Concentration: Global Portfolio
GPA: 3.65
Age: 23

Any advice on a good route to take, or background that I would need is appreciated! Also, any other questions that could be helpful please ask.

Thank you.

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anyone...? ;):(

I also started looking at BioTechnology programs. My concern is not getting all the pre-med reqs in. I got into a BME program my senior year of college but for personal reasons put it on hold.