gpa verification

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    is no credit an F?

    Hi The first time I took Organic Chemistry in 2010 I received a grade of NC. During this time, my advisor told me that AMCAS will count the grade as an F. I took time off from being pre-med and re-took the class and got an A. Would you happen to know whether AMCAS counts NC as an F? I found...
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    Including Discrete Math (CS dept.) in BCPM GPA?

    So I was recalculating my BCPM GPA last night, and I didn't know what to do with a class called "CS 124: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science." This class is basically a course in "discrete math" / discrete structures; it deals with probability, permutations, proofing, big O notation...
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    Sent same transcript to PTCAS twice

    I sent in two of the same transcripts to PTCAS because I was afraid they didn't receive the first one. The transcript I sent in first was received 9/4 and the second one was received on 9/15. I already called PTCAS about this and they said it shouldn't be a problem.. but I'm still a little...