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  1. thebiggerfish012

    Grad Plus loans with poor credit?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of applying for graduate plus loans for medical school, but I am worried I will not be approved. I do not have an adverse credit history (no missed payments, no loan/cc defaults etc.) but I do have a low credit score due to a high amount of consumer debt...
  2. Student Loan Planner

    Avoid Grad Plus loans in these circumstances

    Might be worth looking at alternatives to your Grad Plus loans that the dental schools will offer you to pay for tuition this year. You're probably going to have to figure out financial aid in July and August if you're a rising D1, and I wanted to bring up something that could save you...
  3. T

    Grad PLUS vs Discover Loans

    Right now I am looking into getting a Discover Health Professions loan instead of a Grad PLUS loan to cover COA over the Stafford limit. The interest rates are approximately the same except the Discover loan has no fees (my understanding is Grad PLUS is currently at 4.72%) and Discover also...
  4. Kavity

    Grad Plus or Federal loans?

    Which is better to take out, a private loan or a Grad Plus loan? Also, how does loan forgiveness work after graduation? Is it better to take out a Grad Plus loan (does it also count in loan forgiveness?)?
  5. Torilynn92

    Grad PLUS loans and outstanding debt

    Hello hello! I had an absolute nightmare last night that I got denied for a loan for medical school, and now I'm panicking. My credit score is in the 700's, but I do have a car loan, credit cards, and undergrad debt (although I have always made these payments on time.) However, I DO have...