graduating early

  1. L

    Should i work towards a second minor?

    I am a second year premed student majoring in biomedical sciences and have a minor in pysch. I am thinking about minoring in chemistry but is it worth it? Do med schools even look at minors? If i were to take up this second minor i would not be able to finish a semester early. My goal is to go...
  2. drawingdentist

    Are my chances at admission lower because I am currently applying with only 2 years of undergrad?

    Hey everyone, I am about to start my Junior year ( aka my last year in college) and I am applying to dental school this current cycle. I have noticed that a lot of people applying have their masters or have 3+ years of undergrad under their belt. This also means that they are able to list more...
  3. S

    Graduate in 3yrs or Double Major and Graduate in 4yrs? No ECs, but good GPA.

  4. S

    Graduating in 3.5 years to work my last semester--is this okay?

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior, applying to med school this cycle. I'm getting my BS in neuroscience, and will finish all classes required for my major this semester. All I need left is to work on my research thesis next semester (Fall 2018). Instead of taking fluff/filler classes next Spring (2019)...
  5. L

    Should I graduate in 3 years??

    Hello! I'm a junior this year, and recently found out that I could finish everything (all my dental school prereqs and major classes) by next spring and graduate in 3 years. :O I'm able to do this because of having a ton of transfer credits from taking college courses in high school. I'm not...
  6. B

    525 MCAT, 3.63 cGPA, 3.49 sGPA