1. moogly82

    Rocky Vista University (RVU) Acquisition by Saint George University (SGU)

    I'm a first year student at RVU having just started this week. The president of RVU gave an announcement that RVU is being acquired by Medforth, which is the parent company that also owns Saint George University in Grenada. As many of you may know, SGU is the stereotypical Caribbean model for...
  2. mochaluca

    Dorming in Grenada

    Hello! I was accepted into the St George's Veterinary Foundation Program for Fall 2018. I am super excited my vet dream is coming true, but I am also very concerned about living somewhere so far from home. I live in the hustle and bustle of NYC and am used to 24/7 delis and having cheap good...
  3. neurome

    SGU January Class 2017

    Hi Everyone, I know it is still a bit early in the game but i am so excited about this next phase of our lives. This thread is to provide an avenue for students who have been accepted into the January 2017 entering class at SGUSOM to interact before a Facebook page pops up for us. I have been...
  4. missnashvilletime

    Jobs in Grenada

    Hi guys! I searched the threads but didn't find anything pertaining to my question. I am awaiting to hear back from a couple vet schools, but this is my 3rd cycle so I'm beginning an application to SGU for fall 2017 so I can be in a school for sure by the time my MS here at A&M is finished. So...