1. HufflepuffGal1922

    Other OT-Related Information Hairstyling/Hair Grooming as an Intervention in Occupational Therapy Survey

    Hello All, My name is Rajaé Jones and I am an occupational therapy doctorate student at the University of St. Augustine at the San Marcos, CA campus. I am conducting research with occupational therapy practitioners and occupational therapy students and looking to gather information on their...
  2. L

    Would long hair be an issue during interviews?

    I was speaking to a family friend who is a doctor, and he told that before interviews I should really cut my hair (I am a guy), according to him doctors and dentists tend to be pretty old school, and view longer hair as punk or unprofessional. In fact, he told me that if he was interviewing, my...
  3. D

    Female with vitiligo and poliosis: Should I dye hair for interview?

    So I have that cartoonish white hair streak, with black hair. I have vitiligo which is an autoimmune depigmentation disease. I have white patches all over my body, and a small, noticeable, white streak of hair. I was wondering if I should dye my hair completely black for interviews, or keep it...
  4. medstudent257

    [Live Leak] Student rips hair out during chemistry exam

    Course Description: Are you a prospective college student? Do you have a desire for success? Learn how to avoid the clunky freshman transition and put yourself on a common sense path to success in college. You will learn all about common mistakes college students often make in their classes...