1. I


    Hi I am Imoto. I am an International Student from Cote D'Ivoire (in West Africa). Currently I am pursuing a bachelor in Medical Biology in a university in the US. The thing is that I know I want to be a doctor most likely a surgeon but I am not sure I want to do that in the US. My dream would be...
  2. C

    Couples matched into backup specialty - HELP!

    Hello SDN, Been a long time lurker but created a new account for this post. I'd appreciate any and all advice. Situation: My fiancee and I entered the couples match this year (both of us competitive but US-IMGs). She wanted OBGYN but she matched into her backup IM. I wanted IM and matched into...
  3. Miss_B


    Hi everyone, A question for dental and pre-dental students alike: What is the student satisfaction for each dental school? Which schools hold your hand vs. which schools make their kids work independently? Which focus on research vs. community? Which schools have a difficult, bureaucratic...
  4. J

    Depression during clinical years

    I feel so depressed during my MS3. This is my last rotation. It feels like a drag. I don't have a problem when I'm working but waking up int he morning is so difficult. I had a recent break up with 2yr serious relationship that I wasn't prepared for. I'm living alone in the city as a medical...
  5. CareerNumTwo

    What schools seem to have the happiest students?

    For all of you recently accepted dental students (or currently attending), what schools did you visit where students seemed genuinely happy to be there/not ridiculously stressed out? I know this is completely subjective and you may or may not have seen students on a good/bad day, but it's...