1. Ana Safavi

    Boston Globe article on how harassment is driving medical trainees to suicide

    In America, becoming a doctor can prove fatal By Amitha Kalaichandran M.D. March 15, 2019 TODAY, 30,000 medical students across the United States learned where they would be heading next year. Each student opened an email or an envelope; inside was the name of the residency program where...
  2. K

    Male doctor I scribe for touches/grabs me

    To preface this, I've worked in various jobs when I was teenager where, now that I look back, I realize I was the subject of undisputed sexual harassment by male superiors. I shrugged it off and did nothing. My point: I'm not trying to cry wolf. I just want genuine feedback regarding a confusing...
  3. Writedoc213

    Resident abuse?

    Resident abuse is a topic often mentioned on these boards. I am hoping to get a better idea of how often and to what degree it happens. If you feel comfortable sharing your story, please do so. Do you consider yelling or verbal insults to be abusive? Also, what is the best way to handle abuse as...