1. E

    New Headache Fellowship in Kansas City

    Hello, all. I was asked to spread the word about the new Headache Fellowship in Kansas City. The program is based out of the Headache Clinic at Children's Mercy Hospital, with adult rotations at the University of Kansas. The first position will be open July 2018. I can tell you that Dr...
  2. D

    Microcirculation therapy

    Hi all. Anybody here ever heard of Microcirculation therapy for painful episodes of headache and also a diabetic wound treatment? Let me know. Thanks!
  3. 90210

    Feeling hopeless... Medical School starts in 3 weeks.

  4. Mecidimes

    Have you ever felt dizzy after an exam?

    Hey everyone, MS1 here, currently in Neuroscience. Earlier this week, I took one of the hardest exams I have ever taken in a class. I ended up doing fine, but ever since that exam I have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I went to a GP who did a neurological exam on me, and he said everything...
  5. AlphaBeta<3

    Retakes vs post bac

    Why is it that retaking a class to get a higher grade is looked down on, but post bacs to get higher grades are positive? What sense does this make?