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  1. A

    Should I leave or stay in medical school?

    I don't know if medicine/healthcare is right for me anymore. I'm a second year podiatry student (23F) and I feel very burnout/unmotivated. I feel as though I'm forcing myself to do this because this is what I've been working towards my whole life. I don't feel like I'm staying for the right...
  2. Footsteps Book

    For Sale "Footsteps: Profiles of Remarkable Healthcare Leaders" Book

    Available on Amazon This series of in-depth profiles of contemporary health care leaders provides a wide range of reflections on leadership in this complex and important sector. Each essay offers and intimate personal narrative, rich with details about key turning points, sources of...
  3. F

    HCE for PA School

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know if Dental Assisting counts towards the Health Care Experience for PA schools?
  4. TampaBayFlorida

    **Please Give Me Allied Health Program Advice**

    Please give me any advice you think would be beneficial to augmenting my student/professional record as well as directing me towards a particular Allied Health field. What will make me a better candidate? What I’m doing now: Taking prerequisites (at a community college) for Allied Health...
  5. C

    Is working as a CNA enough HCE for PA school?

    I'm currently a biology major and I work as a CNA during the summers, which I've done for the last two years. As of now, I have probably 6-7 months of full-time experience. After next summer, I should have 9-10 months. My question is this: how many hours do I need to be COMPETITIVE for entry...
  6. V

    Outdated HCE

    Hi, I am an older (29) computer science student but after school am looking at attending PA school. I worked as a CNA for about 4 years, with the most recent hours worked having been 6 years ago. I have continued to stay in the healthcare field but do not have direct patient care and work...
  7. Maylily7

    PA School Admissions/Advice on how to get in?

    Hello, my name is Maylily7! I really want to become a PA and apply to PA school upon graduation. What I would appreciate is advice to secure an acceptance and the likelihood I can get into one of these programs. Also, if you have any personal admissions stories I'd be happy to hear them! I just...
  8. P

    Experience for PA School - no name clinic or fancy hospital?

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum so I have no idea if I'm posting this correctly. For those of you who have already gone through or are going through PA school applications I have a dilemma... I recently got an offer as an MA for let's say a very prestigious ivy league hospital. The position is...
  9. B

    Advice: Aspiring Physicians Assistant|Exercise Science Degree but Low Grades

    Hello Everyone, I have read an incredible amount of threads and posts about people from different backgrounds seeking advice on getting accepted into PA school. Unfortunately, I have not seen any threads in regards to Ex Sci students in particular seeking to get into PA school but with low...