1. N

    Hem/Onc fellow looking for a study partner.

    Hello, Im currently in the first year of Heme Onc fellowship and as expected feel overwhelmed with the amount of information. Over the years Ive realized that i do better when reading or discussing material with a study partner or group. An hour a day over Skype doing questions or discussing...
  2. A

    One-year fellowship options before Hem/Onc

    Hello, as a prospective Hem/Onc applicant, I was wondering what fellowships are available in case I don't match into Hem/Onc in my first attempt. Since I'm an IMG on a J1, I'll only have the luxury of doing 1 extra year before doing Hem/Onc. I'm aware of some programs offering a 1-year...
  3. PatNanym

    St. Elizabeth's Boston vs Mount Auburn

    IMG on J1. Interested in GI/Cards/HemOnc. Any thoughts on St. Elizabeth's Boston vs Mount Auburn/Harvard Cambridge? Mount Auburn is Harvard-affiliated and has placed its residents into good fellowships, but no fellowships in-house. St. E's has in-house Cards and HemOnc, but I hear stories...