1. D

    Combined GI/Hepatology Programs?

    I know there's ~20 places that have a combined program for GI and hepatology in 3 yrs, anyone doing this or can shed some light on it? I'll probably do a +1yr Hep fellowship after GI anyway, just wondering if its worth it to shrink it down to 3yrs. I assume you lose elective/research time but...
  2. Muhammad Tahir

    non acgme hepatology?

    Hi all, Anybody knows about the program participating for non-ACGME hepatology fellowship? Will be appreciated
  3. TheRealBatmanMD

    Hepatology Publication

    Hi everyone. I just published a paper in Hepatology. The impact factor of the journal seems to be pretty high. However, does anyone know how reputable this journal is or how well known it is among physicians. Thank you!
  4. F


    Hi anyone know about the NAFLD angulo fibrosis score works? The formula it states it use on the calculator is "−1.675 + 0.037 × age [years] + 0.094 × BMI [kg/m2] + 1.13 × IFG/diabetes [yes = 1, no = 0] + 0.99 × AST:ALT ratio − 0.013 × platelet count [× 109/l] − 0.66 × albumin [g/dl]" However...
  5. T

    Position Available Post-IM Residency or GI fellowship. Hepatology fellowship position July 2016, Mount Sinai New York

    A position has opened for those interested in pursuing a 1 year Transplant Hepatology fellowship at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, NY. This position is available July 1, 2016. We are looking for applicants who have COMPLETED BY JULY 1ST 2016 either 1. Internal Medicine...
  6. C

    Liver - Pt Presenting With Isolated, Fluctuating, Mixed Hyperbilirubinemia

    Hi all, I am looking for opinions on a 23-yo, seemingly healthy pt presenting with elevated levels of total and direct bilirubin, in the absence of elevated enzymes or hemolysis. Labs have been intermittently monitored since December of last year and include a peak total bili of 2.9 mg/dL (at...