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    Thinking about applying to Au.D. programs, but am a little hesitant. Help?

    Hey all, I am thinking about applying to a few Au.D. programs, but am a little hesitant. First, I have a low GPA (2.94) from Undergrad, which was about 2 years ago. I have been working in a semi-related field (speech pathology clinic). What are my chances of getting in? Also, in your opinion, is...
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    Unsure about medical school, should I still apply?

    I'm came into college as a pre-med. I've never been 100% sure that it's what I want, it was just always what interested me most. Now I'm a junior in undergrad set to take the MCAT in April and apply this cycle, and I'm still unsure. All of the information/letters of reccommendation have been...