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  1. misotope

    WAMC 3.91/520, California ORM

    Thank you!
  2. W

    WAMC/School list: 4.0/527, International

    Hi everyone! I'm a junior looking to apply in the next cycle and wanted some feedback, mainly on my extracurriculars, and whether I would be competitive as an international applicant! All hours are those projected out to May of 2023, when I'll start applying. Thank you in advance for any input...
  3. F

    526/3.9 Reapplicant School List Advice?

    Hi all, 526/3.9 from a T20 undergrad, double majored in Bio and Chem, FL resident. This past cycle, I received one interview and I am currently on the waitlist. I think the major factors contributing to a lack of good results were 1. Not having anyone vet my essays, 2. Minimal clinical...
  4. Boltman10

    Excellent stats, terrible ECs, looking ahead to this cycle

    I found out yesterday that I got a 526 on the MCAT (132/130/132/132), and Im currently carrying a 4.0 that I don't anticipate losing. I am majoring in biomedical sciences at UCF and have a minor in statistics and am in my Junior year. The issue is my ECs are lackluster at best. Based off of my...
  5. H

    Should I add more mid-tier schools? 3.97, 521

    Hello! I am almost done with my original list of secondaries and I am getting anxious about the application cycle and worried that my school list is too top-heavy. I would love feedback. Also I have a list of unfinished secondaries and it would be nice to know I should just disregard any of...