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    Has anyone used primary/secondary application screening services? Opinions?

    I'm doing late-May MCAT with pre-verified primary application for late-June submission, so in between I will be focusing entirely on (initially) putting final touches on primary essay/application and writing many secondaries. I have a 3.88 sGPA and good range of ECs, so there is a real...
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    Will CVS rehire an intern that quit?

    Hi, I am wondering how difficult it is to be hired as a pharmacist by CVS if you previously worked as an intern/tech for a few years, but resigned while in pharmacy school. Any input or anecdotal stories are appreciated.
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    Associate dentist position in SC/NC

    Associate Position with Partnership Potential (Five Days Per Week) This is a busy practice with a well-earned reputation for providing high quality dentistry to patients (PPO/Cash only). The owner is expanding the existing clinic and plan to open one more location within 20 mile radius. We need...
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    When to Apply for Jobs

    So, I'm currently completing my 4th year. I'll graduate and be done with my studies in May. I have a general area of the country that I want to live in and finally start living my adult life, so every once in a while i scope out the area to see if any practices are hiring. Right now there seems...