1. neuroace

    BAO for matching to OBGYN

    In terms of matching to the US in OBGYN- does anyone know if, all other things being equal, an IMG with a BAO [M.B., B.Ch., BAO is awarded to Irish/some UK med schools] would be regarded more so than just a MBBS? Noone goes to the Irish/UK threads...
  2. M

    Is there any hope of getting into a DO school? What should I do from here?

    So, I really screwed up my science classes and second semester of college, and I was wondering if there is a chance at DO schools. My overall gpa is a 3.45 Freshman Sem 1: Bio A , Calc 1 for engineers B+, etc. GPA term: 3.625 Sem 2: Bio 2 C, BioLab B, Calc 2 for engineers F, etc. GPA term: 1.66...