1. F

    What are my chances of getting into a DO school?

    Hey all! So I have my first interview in two weeks and I am FREAKING out. Will you guys give me your honest opinion on my chances of getting in? Stats: GPA: 3.69/3.58 science MCAT: 501 (126,123,125,127) Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences/ Chemistry and Spanish Research: Biochemistry...
  2. SisypheanPhoenix

    Down Not Out: Putting this in the Ether

    Hello My Fellow Peoples, 31 year old, URM female here... Back Story: I am originally from Jamaica and left relatively young, around 5 years old. My mother is a Registered Nurse for the past 34 years and my father did some Book Keeping in Jamaica at the hospital but once they emigrated, he...
  3. 7

    Other OT-Related Information Do I have a chance at OT school?

    I am an undergrad health sciences major at james madison university, pre-occupational therapy. to be honest, this forum freaks me out because everyone has such high GPA's. At JMU, its really hard to get above a 3.0, let alone a 3.5 with a major like health sciences. I have a 2.99 right now as a...
  4. DrDee99

    Advice on Reapplication

    Hey all! I'm a longtime lurker on this site, and I just wanted to share where I am so far in the app cycle. I am hoping to gain some advice on how to proceed, so please bear with me as this post may be long! I applied this past cycle 2015-2016 with the following app: Residency: CA Stats...
  5. Allopathic2016

    Background in Business. How are lab grades integrated and is a post-bacc worth it with a 3.4gpa.

    Hey guys. Newer to SDN. Firstly, my background is in business finance. Looking to do a post-bacc to get my prerequisites under my belt. Excuse my ignorance but how exactly are labs graded? Are they graded completely separate from the lecture? For example, if I take chem I with its...