horror story

  1. B

    COMLEX 3 mess up

    Hey All, so I messed up... majorly during my comlex level 3 today. During my scheduled break, I forgot we weren't supposed to look at electronics and did, during the 10 min one. Obviously, TCA people filled a report, but i continued the test, hoping that the NBOME people wouldn't invalidate my...
  2. MT101166

    Do I even have a chance

    I have been a mess and I admit that, but I recently changed my ways and I have been working my butt off. Graduated HS in 2010, went to CC for financial reasons, graduated in 2014 and honestly regret it as I feel it was a waste of time, just spent 4 years trying different things, started at a...
  3. Skydive Fox

    5/20 MCAT Horror Story

    Halfway through my MCAT today the F**KING CONNECTION WENT OUT! We sat there for over 1 hour staring at a dead screen while Prometric stopped in occasionally to say, "we're working on it." Eventually we were released and told that AMCAS would be calling within 48 hours to reschedule. I spent...