1. partypat

    NYU vs MSKCC vs NYP HPM Fellowship

    I'm a third year internal medicine resident who is looking to move to NYC for my HPM fellowship. I've been very fortunate to have interviewed at the palliative medicine fellowship programs for NYU, New York Presbyterian (Columbia+Cornell Bicampus), and Memorial Sloan Kettering. I know that I'm...
  2. DoctoOcto

    Should I take on this volunteering "offer"? What would it count as?

    I recently made a thread about hospice/children's hospital volunteering, which I plan to continue to do over a long time, but the assisted living facility I go to that cares for hospice patients just asked me if I wanted to volunteer through them as well to provide companionship to their older...
  3. R

    My volunteer position at a hospice has zero medical/clinical tasks for me. Should I volunteer somewhere else?

    I'm putting in about 40 hours a month. First of all, I'm really enjoying my work -emotionally rough as it often is- ,and I have been told by my patients that they're grateful for my help. I'll continue seeing the patients I have as long as they want me to. The problem is that I'm only allowed...
  4. P

    Is one year of hospice enough?

    Ive been volunteering for hospice for about a total of 6 months and have had 4 patients in total. Thinking about stopping when I hit my one year limit due to me not being able to dedicate my time to it. Is it still good enough or thats not enough? Like would adcoms even care since its just one year?
  5. Kobethegoat24

    Hospice volunteer

    So I am volunteering at a hospice care tomorrow and wanted to know what to expect. If anyone has volunteered at hospice before and you dont mind sharing your experiences? Thank you
  6. A

    Best way to get clinical hours for physician assistant?

    Hi, I have 3 different opportunities and was wondering which one would look best and count for clinical hours for PA school. There is a position as a volunteer at a hospice, working as a medical scribe and working as a caregiver. Thanks for the advice!
  7. G

    Career Dillemma?! Job or internship?!

    So I am a senior in college, hoping to go to grad school for my MHA degree once i graduate. I recently got a job offer from a hospice, for a volunteer coordinator position. However, I could also intern/volunteer (unpaid) at a large hospital system, instead of taking up the hospice job. I don't...
  8. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Switching from hospital volunteering to hospice care?

    Currently have done 30 hrs in hospital volunteering since last year. I've been looking more into hospice, and don't know if I should switch to it or keep both? Applying next cycle (2016-2017) Thanks