1. A

    Host in Seattle

    Hello, I am a 4th year medical student and I am considering taking a research year. I found a research opportunity via my school however it involves spending 2 months in Seattle. I don't know anyone that lives in Seattle and I am under a financial burden. I would like to know if anyone would be...
  2. You're My Boy Blue

    Do Admissions Committees look more favorably upon applicants that stay with student hosts?

    Besides the advantage of learning more about the school and finances, are there any other advantages to staying with a student host? Do AdComs talk to the hosts about your stay as a way to judge you further? Or is it completely neutral.
  3. Svenson

    Need Advice Pertaining to Student Host

    Hi all, I will be interviewing at a school in three days. When they sent me the interview invite four weeks ago I requested a student host, to which the administrator said they would attempt to find one, but also stated there is no guarantee. So three weeks went by and I heard nothing more...