human biology

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    LOW GPA but still hopeful

    What are my chances to get into a DO program? What programs would accept me? Or should I apply to post bacc/ or masters program? I have a 2.88 GPA. BS in Human Biology. I have not taken the MCAT (January 2019). I am 26yrs Female African American. I have well over 2000 hours of clinical...
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    Graduating in 3 quarters after transferring?????

    Hey guys, So right now I'm finishing up my pre-requisite courses at a CC, but i plan on applying to UCSD's Human Bio program for my Bachelor's. Assuming I get in, if I have everything (except for physics) finished from the courses listed on Assist org by the time I get to UCSD, do you think it...
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    Human Anatomy and Neuroscience Prep?

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    UCSD pre-med / pre-dent

    Hello everyone! I got admitted into Muir College in UCSD as a freshman, and I will major in Human Biology. I am interested both in pre med and pre dental, but I am concerned for a few things. I'm not good at physics and neutral in chem, and I'm not a big fan of research(prefer clinical...