1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Two Grad School Applicants Walk Into a Bar…

    This might be a great opening line for a comedy night at a university student center, but can you use humor in a graduate school application essay? Should you even try? The answer is…maybe. If you have a funny bone, use it If you can use humor effectively, it will help you stand out from your...
  2. D

    MD Slight humor in Med School app?

    One of the work / activities I'm writing about is the time I was deployed. I want to emphasize this as an important experience because it made me realize I can handle working under pressure easily. I would like to add a little humor and say that on a deployment everything is turned up to 11. Is...
  3. M

    The Seven People You'll Meet on SDN (updated)

    I've been tossing around this idea for a while during my time (lurking) on these threads this year. I found a similar thread here by @scpod from 2005-2007 but think the topic deserves an update in recognition of the new decade, the rise of social media, and unique millennial / Gen Z quirks...
  4. S

    Best quotes

    What are the best quotes you've ever heard from attendings, residents, interns, nurses, front desk staff, and of course.. Patients ??