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  2. hopefulotlnl

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Flying into hybrid program?

    Hi, I am interested in applying for an OT masters program in the next 2 years. I will not be able to move to the location, but am instead looking for a hybrid program where some students fly in to attend classes and get fieldwork assignments where they are living. Does anyone do this or have...
  3. D

    South College Clinical education placement?

    Hi Everyone, Can someone comment on how South College place students into their clinical education location? I own a home as well as have a 3 year old child, and was wondering if the program would take that into consideration when placing students in their prospective location for clinicals.
  4. S

    Nova Southeastern DPT Hybrid

    Hi guys, I'm really eager to apply to this program and its in my top 3 choices just from the program, cost and location. However, I think a little bit more details would solidify this choice for me. Any information would be much appreciated!
  5. M

    Experience completing One Year MPH Programs (online/hybrid) 2016

    Hello, Anyone has experience completing a one-year MPH program either online or hybrid? Willing to share your experience, expectations, and feedback on how to "survive" such programs? I have applied to [email protected] (George Washington University MPH 12 moth program)! I believe its a new program! I...
  6. L

    Family/Psychiatry Hybrid Residency

    I am interested in doing one of the Family Medicine/Psychiatry residency programs. I am currently looking at UC Davis and UC San Diego. I was wondering if there is anybody that has taken this route and can give me some ideas of whether or not the hybrid approach is worth it. My biggest worry...