1. R

    Nova-Tampa DPT hybrid class of 2025

    Hello all! I haven't seen a thread on here for Nova's Tampa DPT hybrid program class of 2025. Wondering if anyone has been accepted and have chosen to start this year! Let me know if you have any questions!
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  3. hopefulotlnl

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Flying into hybrid program?

    Hi, I am interested in applying for an OT masters program in the next 2 years. I will not be able to move to the location, but am instead looking for a hybrid program where some students fly in to attend classes and get fieldwork assignments where they are living. Does anyone do this or have...
  4. D

    South College Clinical education placement?

    Hi Everyone, Can someone comment on how South College place students into their clinical education location? I own a home as well as have a 3 year old child, and was wondering if the program would take that into consideration when placing students in their prospective location for clinicals.
  5. S

    Nova Southeastern DPT Hybrid

    Hi guys, I'm really eager to apply to this program and its in my top 3 choices just from the program, cost and location. However, I think a little bit more details would solidify this choice for me. Any information would be much appreciated!
  6. M

    Experience completing One Year MPH Programs (online/hybrid) 2016

    Hello, Anyone has experience completing a one-year MPH program either online or hybrid? Willing to share your experience, expectations, and feedback on how to "survive" such programs? I have applied to [email protected] (George Washington University MPH 12 moth program)! I believe its a new program! I...
  7. L

    Family/Psychiatry Hybrid Residency

    I am interested in doing one of the Family Medicine/Psychiatry residency programs. I am currently looking at UC Davis and UC San Diego. I was wondering if there is anybody that has taken this route and can give me some ideas of whether or not the hybrid approach is worth it. My biggest worry...