1. H

    Male Dental Hygienist help..

    Hello, Since my chances of getting into Canadian dental schools are very very slim to being zero and I wont waste time pursuing it but I have decided a dental hygienist is the second best to it. I have applied to a private school that is accredited, did the entry examination and got in. I have...
  2. D

    Biology to DH to Dental school?

    Okay, so I have been dealing with a bit of a problem these last few months. I'm currently enrolled in a four year school as a biology major, having most of my general education requirements and basic science courses (Bio, Gen Chem) out of the way. I'm now going into my Sophomore year at the...
  3. L

    Should I pick a new profession?

    Please help, my alternatives may not be reachable anymore. Long story short, I didn't know dental schools combined ALL undergrad science grades (including retaken courses), so while my overall science GPA is a 3.2 (I know, too low to apply to dental school), my recalculated science GPA is around...
  4. T

    Hygienist regulations in California.

    Hi, everyone. Does anyone know if dental hygienists can work in California without the presence and/or direct supervision of a dentist ? I am not referring to the newer, more advanced degree RDHAP (Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice) but to the usual registered dental...
  5. maverick313

    Science GPA Calculation Question

    Ill be straight to the point, I have taken 3 dental hygiene courses (Periodontology, Pharmacology, and Dental Radiology) and I am wondering whether or not these courses should be calculated into my science GPA?
  6. D

    RDH or DDS?!

    So the goal is to become a dentist either route I take... I am currently taking my undergrads (3rd semester). I've been working in a dental office (front office) since age 17 (I'm soon to be 20 now) - yes, young.. I know, but I've known I wanted to become a dentist and that's the goal I'm...
  7. C

    Dental Hygiene prep for Dental School? pls help

    Hi! I was a Dentistry student in the Philippines. 3rd year out of 6 years. I was granted permanent residency here in Canada. I wanted to go back and finish my Dentistry but the education system is VERY different and I know that it would be very difficult for me if I finish there. So now I'm...
  8. W

    Letters of Recommendation from Hygiene School

    Hi All, I graduated undergrad in 2011 and graduated from hygiene school in 2014. Since then I've been a practicing hygienist and recently I've started continuing to pursue dental school. The dentist LOR I am all set with, but since I've been out of undergrad for so long, it's very difficult to...