1. M

    NP ICU Locums

    Hey guys. I need some advice from NP locums who work ICU, specifically nights. I am recruiting for a night NP icu position at a small hospital. The hospital is 70 total beds, 12 ICU beds. Some of the icu patients are intubated and on pressors but majority are on insulin drips, Bipap, dilt drips...
  2. S

    Psychiatry vs Pediatric Intensive care.

    As the title says I’m interested in both of those fields of study. I know no matter what I will be working with kids since it’s my passion to do so. I know the pros and cons of each. I just can’t decide which. What I like about the PICU is the intensity it gives. it allows for you to work with...
  3. RaginMD

    Anyone else work the ICU alone? Asking for a friend

    Internal medicine resident here and I just have a question for anyone else who may rotate through ICU in their programs. Is it normal for an upper level with only 1 month of ICU experience as an intern to work an ICU alone (20 beds) with no fellows or in house staff. Our interns don't work...
  4. K

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2020-2021 ACCM

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a thread started for all of us applying right now. Feel free to share any info you have on programs! Anyone interview at UPenn, UCLA, Michigan, OHSU or Vandy yet? Have limited time and I can't interview at all of them, so I was wondering if anyone had any feedback...
  5. D

    Inservice Ideas for acute care in trauma ICU

    I'm currently a student in a large hospital mainly on the shock trauma ICU and step down floors. I'm looking for ideas for a good inservice to give. They have lots of students come through every year and all have to give an inservice so I'm looking for something that hasn't been done a ton, like...
  6. S

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2019-2020

    Hey all, as the SICU fellowship application opens it would be useful to have current and past fellows comment on the rigor and schedule of their prospective program. Also, I would be interested in prospective job offers or current jobs, like benefits, compensation, etc. Did you get a job during...
  7. P

    Reading to prepare for surgery internship

    Pretty confident about matching into surgery this round and would like to start reading things that will help me hit the ground running intern year....after the needed 1-2 months tune out period where the last thing I am going to do is think about medicine. Questions for those who went before...
  8. M

    Recently graduated residents working in P/NICU

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Just curious if these positions still exist. At my residency hospital the PICU has several recently graduated residents who worked at mid-level providers along with NPs. I interested in applying for these positions during a 1-3 year break I am interested in taking from...
  9. Daimon Michiko Doctor X

    Who is the worst at managing patient , when it comes to needing critical care.

    I guessing Some surgeons are pretty bad at when it comes to abandoning patients in the ICU, and leaving all the work with the intensivists. I guess it buys them time for other work .I am going with ortho, I feel like plastics keeps an eye on their patients . Esp burns patients .Spill thy Tea
  10. I

    Emergency Medicine

    Is there a fellowship in Emergency Medicine called Critical Care? If so, where would they work, the ER or ICU?
  11. B

    Who should and who does run traumas?

    Who should run traumas and who does at your institution? Does one specialty do a better job than the other? How does in house vs home call effect your outcomes?
  12. ApolloCME

    Critical Care Board Review Courses for the Board Exam

    Update for 2016-2017 Critical Care Board Review The Brigham Board Review in Critical Care Medicine Credit Hours: 28 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3, DVD MP4 Expiration Date: June 1, 2018 Summary: The Brigham Critical Care Board Review Course is designed to equip...