1. A

    Position Swap Seeking FM PGY-2 in July 2022 in Utah, can swap

    Hello, I am interested in a vacancy for a Family Medicine PGY-2 position in the state of Utah for family reasons (wife and kids are in the state and cannot move). Can offer a potential swap for an Idaho PGY-2, Family Medicine position at an ACGME accredited institution. Please reply if interested.
  2. Cath Up

    Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine now accepting primary applications

    ICOM website link: Admissions Requirements Like many, I am skeptical of the rush to get the school going (it is still under construction), and the addition of a for-profit school in a place that may have limited opportunity for clinical rotations/wide pathology, etc. But here is the...
  3. Litha

    Looking for OR and WA MPJE material

    I recently passed the NAPLEX and am taking the MPJE in my home state (Idaho) next week. I'm score transferring to both Oregon and Washington, and am looking for study materials or pointers from recent students to help with preparing for their MPJEs. Also, I have recent law class materials from...