1. M

    IHS dental externship

    Hello, has anyone done the IHS externship between 3rd/4th year of school? If so, where did you go and how was your experience?
  2. found_cat

    IHS Doc

    What is it like to be a doctor in the IHS? I have read plenty about the frustrations military doctors go through (bureaucracy, poor leadership, lack of resources, etc.), but I couldn't find any IHS physicians' perspective. Do you have the support you need? Decent working conditions? A...
  3. Y

    Drexel IHS 2018 v. Chatham MSBIO

    Hey guys, New to sdn, just joined. cGPA 2.92 MCAT 506. I don't know if this happened for a lot of folks or not but I got a serious reality check when applying to post-bacc programs. I thought it would be easier. I applied to Loyola's MPMS, BU MAMS, EVMS 2-year, Drexel MS in biomedical...
  4. USPHS Physician

    New Ask a USPHS Physician thread

    Military docs, we salute you...and we recruit you :) Just FYI here is a new Ask a USPHS Physician thread. We get a fair number of prior military docs transfer in to USPHS, so thought I'd post a link here too. Thank you.
  5. USPHS Physician

    Ask a USPHS Physician

    I am part of a group of USPHS physicians who are trying to extend our outreach to interested students, residents, and physicians such as yourselves. So, SDN's "USPHS Physician" is born!...and he's most honored and pleased to represent and assist USPHS Dentist in answering your questions. USPHS...
  6. L

    Drexel Vs Case Western

    I'm having trouble on picking between schools. I have been admitted to both the Drexel IHS program, and the Case Western MS is Medical Physiology. I'm aware of the background on the Case program but I have little information on the Dreel IHS program. I was wondering if anyone could shed some...