il mpje

  1. P

    IL MPJE - failed once

    I failed IL MPJE by 1 point and was devastated because I walked out of there thinking I totally killed it. The only materials I used were the Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law by Reiss and Hall and the acts and rules posted on the IDFPR page. I studied for a solid week and a half and thought I had a...
  2. gopeepants

    IL MPJE: My Revenge

    I failed the MPJE for IL on my 1st attempt but passed on my 2nd attempt. For my 2nd attempt I used Rickert's packet, and the IL Pharmacist Law MPJE Study guide from rxpharmacist website I pretty much read through the book and Rickert's packet again and made flash cards. The best thing I did was...
  3. L

    IL MPJE Study Tips

    Hi, What were the most useful resources when studying for the IL MPJE? Any books particularly useful? Any helpful study tips/things to watch out for? Transferring my license and looking to take my exam ASAP, and don't even know where to start! TIA!
  4. Y


    I am taking soon and a job offer is at stake. Any advice from recent takers? Any tips on how to figure out exam result before waiting the long non-electronic score reporting period?
  5. M

    NY MPJE Help, I have an IL MPJE Self-Made Study Guide

    Hey, I'm looking for a fairly recent NY MPJE Study guide, something that's concise and demystifies all the legal jargon or at least extracts important/accurate information from a compilation of texts...essentially a study guide that you have used to pass the test. I like to make my own study...