1. G

    NYC/Nassau County GPRs that let you place implants

    Hey all, I'm looking into GPRs now in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County areas, and I'm looking for one that allows PGY-1s to place 15+ implants over the course of the year. I hear the VA allows this, but I'm hoping to find multiple options. I know what the GPRs advertise, but...
  2. S

    Guided Implant Surgery- Experiences, Preferences

    I have only used Invivo/Anatomage in the past, and am mostly satisfied with the outcomes. I'm looking to expand familiarity with other systems and planning software. Would like some advice or opinions from those with first hand experience using various systems. Thanks in advance. What is...
  3. D

    Perio vs. OMFS vs. Prosth?

    I participated today in a school seminar given to my class by one of the local dentists who was talking to us about Implantology and the current trends in the field. I found the field fascinating did a bit of research into the field. So after hours of searching, I learned that there is no...
  4. redhotchiligochu

    Placing implants in dental school?

    Saw a thread earlier on Monday with no responses but didn't wanna hijack it so I created a new thread. Do dental schools allow you to place implants on patients while you're in D3-D4? I know many schools allow you to set/place implant crowns, but not so much drilling on the patient.... I know...
  5. germindian123

    Best Perio programs

    Hey guys. It's 2016. What are some of the best perio programs that come to mind? I've heard that the strength of the program is highly influenced by the leadership of the director. I've heard of some good ones but want to know if anyone has any comments on the current state of the quality of...