independent study

  1. sasukeuchiha33

    Recommendation Letter Confusion... Help please!

    Hello, everyone! So, everywhere I read everyone seems to have the same general advice regarding recommendation letters, namely, the "basis" being 2 recommendation letters from a science professor who gave you a grade, and 1 from a non-science professor who gave you a grade. I know people...
  2. T

    Independent Study/Research Topics

    Hi. I'm currently attending a CD to obtain my associate of arts. I'm planning on transfering once I get my AS and go on to get my Bachelor's in Psychology. I found out that I qualify for an Independent Study/Research in Psychology but I'm having trouble thinking of ideas. I still have to get a...
  3. J

    Seeking constructive criticism!

    I'm currently an independent study student, as a senior in high school. During the second half of my high school career (roughly 2 years), I went on an independent study to acquire more adequate treatment for some health conditions. Around this point, I fell off the wagon, and would say I have...
  4. Señor Dentista

    Physics 2 Online/ BYU Independent Study Physics 2

    So I've been accepted to dental school, but I have to take physics 2. They said I can take it online, no lab necessary, just another dumb hoop to jump through.... I am planning on taking it through BYU-IS because it is the cheapest option. Also, I think it is the only one (that I've seen) that...
  5. N

    Looking for cheesy, annoying science books (serious)

    I'm not kidding about the title. In my molecular bio class we were given an excerpt from a book called "Whirlwind Tour of the Life Sciences," and it was so bad I haven't forgotten a word of that chapter. It had the smarmiest jokes I've ever read, and I was actually embarrassed on the author's...
  6. S

    Independent Study Sources?

    Hello, I looked for a thread about this topic but couldn't find one so I hope I am not making a duplicate! I am entering the Pre-Vet game rather late, as I just found out about the niche interest I want to pursue recently, so I feel I am "behind the game" a bit as it were on a lot of "vet stuff"...