infectious diseases

  1. 6

    Any schools with strong public health programs?

    thank you!
  2. B

    Acute Disseminated Panencephalitis vs SSPE

    How do you distinguish between them? ADE: multifocal periventricular inflam & demyelination post measles, VZV, or smallpox/rabies vaccine SSPE: no Ab to M component => failure of clearance => inflammatory/demyelination/gliosis years later. Is the only difference the timeline (and that SSPE...
  3. M

    Is it bad to go in to medicine for the love of science and diseases more so than patient care?

    I'm an undergrad junior in NYC studying biology who originally wanted to become a PhD but is having second thoughts. I work in a bacteriophage lab, so far 1 year, and it's really interesting and fun. The thing is I don't see myself doing only this as a career for my whole life. One of my...
  4. vballdoc8

    Epidemiology and Infectious Disease chances?

    I'm currently a junior, BS Bio/BA Chem/BA Spanish + translation certificate. 3.00 overall gpa, have had a lot of health problems while in college and unlucky with professors in the biology department at my school (my school is more ecological biology based rather than human biology). I am...
  5. I

    RN to MD?

    Hello. I am currently a junior in nursing school and after I graduate, I plan on finishing my pre-requisites and applying to med school. Do not get me wrong, I think nurses are the backbones of the healthcare system and I have a great respect for all of them. However, after speaking with many...
  6. younggotti

    Global Health, ID Fellowships as DO

    Posted this over in Pre-osteo but realised I might have a better time w/ responses over here. Hey all, I get that MD=DO and that you can practice abroad as a DO in a bunch of countries and join medical missions to basically all there are, but would anyone happen to know how international...
  7. I

    Help on LSHTM Infectious Diseases Distance Certificate Decision

    Hi Everyone, I recently got into LSHTM Infectious Diseases distance certificate and am trying to decide whether I should go for it. I am in Canada and unfortunately student loans for programs abroad are minimal, so I would most likely only be able to do one or two courses a year. One of my...
  8. N

    Healthcare Organization Fall 2015 Clinical Vaccinology Course

    Vaccine hesitancy is an increasing challenge healthcare providers face on a daily basis. Parents, caregivers and patients often receive conflicting messaging in regards to vaccine safety and effectiveness. Communicating efficiently about the importance of vaccines is a key issue for the public...
  9. C

    PGY-1 good for academia/ hopeful future faculty

    Anyone a PGY-1 resident (or know a PGY-1 resident) whose program is great for students who would like to eventually become a faculty member at a pharmacy school? I am looking for programs that make you primary preceptor for an IPPE student, offer a teaching certificate, assign a faculty advisor...
  10. ApolloCME

    Infectious Disease Board Review

    Update 2016-2017 Infectious Disease Board Exam The Chicago Infectious Disease Board Review Credit Hours: 40 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3, DVD MP4 Expiration Date: November 30, 2017 Summary: The Chicago Infectious Disease Board Review program is designed to equip...