1. F

    Social Media etiquette/protocols?

    Hey guys, I was about to quote an ignorant politician's tweet, call her a few curse words, and leave my opinion on why her statement is wrong. If you're wondering what she tweeted, she was basically saying wearing face masks during this pandemic is bad because excessive use of it can cause...
  2. aintordinarylife

    #DiscoverPodiatricMedicine on Instagram!

    Thought I would share a list of some good Instagram accounts from pod-med influencers, official organizations, etc. to follow. Social media is an awesome way to connect with fellow students and doctors in the field, and also learn more about podiatric medicine & surgery in general (especially...
  3. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  4. W

    Pre-med women: Are there any of you who lift heavy, are models, and are in the top of your class?

    So I’m currently an M2 at a highly ranked school. I was wondering if there were any pre-med girls who are probably going to a highly ranked medical school, are informal models with an awesome fashion sense. Basically like the fitness models you follow on Instagram or the YouTube...
  5. R

    Good social media blocking apps?

    I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that disables Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to be able to access these apps during the evening, but not during the day while I should be studying. I'm sure everyone agrees that these apps are distracting, and like it or not, we are all a bit...