integrated vascular surgery

  1. Tradewinds

    ***2018-2019 Integrated Vascular surgery 0+5 Interview invite thread***

    Finally time to start this thread for app season! Format like before: Date offer received: Program name - interview dates let the waiting commence...
  2. 8

    General surgery+fellowship or integrated vascular

    could anyone shed some light on the differences? I am thinking more of academic programs (so both will have the extra two research years). What is the difference in employement possibilities? Licensing? Will I be expected to do more general surgery procedures after being hired post fellowship...
  3. H

    Double - Board Residencies

    I've been having some trouble finding a comprehensive list on this topic, so I'm asking here. What are the residencies that offer double boarding (not double/triple board programs like fp/psych), actual residencies in a specialty, like child neuro, in which one is double boarded in neurology and...
  4. V

    Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency

    *I am moving this from a vascular surgery interview thread to its own topic to make it easier to find for future applicants. **Also, I am sorry this got so long. I hope it is helpful. An Opinionated Guide on Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency (Based on the 2016 Match) I...