interest rate

  1. A

    GradPlus Loan Advice/Recommendation Needed

    Looking to get some perspective on a GradPlus loan I'm thinking of taking out this year. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Normally, I only borrow only what I need. This year, due to the new lower 5.3% interest rate compared to last year's 7.08%, I was hoping to take out the maximum...
  2. D

    Lowering Private Student Loan Interest

    Hello, I have a private student loan from SoFi with an interest rate a little over 6%. Any recommendations on how I can lower the rate?
  3. heyinternetman

    APR vs interest rate when refinancing

    I'm no mortgage expert but I think I understand APR vs interest rate when getting a loan, (i.e. APR is your effective interest rate after they roll their fees into the loan, so basically it's your effective interest rate) and this one has me stumped. So I got a call from my current mortgage...