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    SUNY Downstate Internal Medicine (Program update from an insider!)

    Hi all. So I saw the post from 2007 when searching my program on Google that said SAY NO TO SUNY DOWNSTATE. I was not here in 2007, but I can speak for 2017. I am coming from a US medical school, so I was not desperate for a residency program. The thing that stuck out most to me on interview day...
  2. M

    VCOM - Auburn, Rural rotation sites, Jack Hughston, 3rd, 4th year rotations

    I am all over the place so pls bear with me and please help me. 1) what is the criterion to get assigned a rotation site, lottery, grades? Jack Hughston is a "ortho" hosiptal predominantly so how will students get to rotate in all areas that students at hospitals do? 2) Do students get to pick...
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    Czech Republic... Am I CRAZY?!