internship interviews

  1. loveroflinehanandresick

    2022-2023 APPIC Internship Interview Invitation Thread

    Here we go, folks! Please use this thread and this corresponding Google sheet to share information about the 2022-2023 APPIC internship interview invitations. You're more than welcome to PM me the information to stay anonymous and I'll post it for you! Please use the following format- Official...
  2. D

    Pre-Public Health Undergraduate Summer Programs Status

    Applied to the following programs on February 1st: Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Diversity Summer Internship Program Washington University in St. Louis Amgen Scholars Program I'm not sure if these programs have...
  3. P

    CVS Interns

    Interview Q; why do you want to work at CVS and not Walgreens? How did you answer this? what other questions do they ask?
  4. ellenew

    PhD/PsyD Internship Interview Preparation

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone will share their advice for interview prep. My program will hold mock interviews, but I am hoping we can share some tips and ways to answer unusual questions. Those who already are out of internship - please share your experiences!
  5. B

    PhD/PsyD Is there anything that you’re looking for in an internship that this site does not have?

    Hi all, Prepping for internship interviews, and I have been told that it is common to get the question(s) "Is there anything that you're looking for in an internship that this site does not have?" or "Is there anything about our site that you do not like?" I have heard that it is best to say...
  6. E

    How many internship interviews did you go on?

    Ahead of tomorrow's big day I thought it would be interesting to learn how many internship interviews everyone went on so I made a poll!