1. boba_psych

    Neuropsychology internship questions, competitiveness ..etc.

    Hi all, I'm a 3rd year PhD student, a long time lurker, and have gained a fair amount of insight on this board so far on pursuing training in neuropsychology. I was wondering if I could get your opinions on a few questions regarding applying for neuropsychology internships (I am planning on...
  2. D

    How much does a medical internship abroad help?

    If someone goes on a medical internship abroad in the summer for 1-2 months how would it be viewed by adcoms? A lot of people say it's just going to be shrugged off as tourism. However, what if the program entails doing more than just shadowing and you do more than explore the hot spots in...
  3. babytomato

    Pre-dental Interships?

    Since I couldn't find much info on internships that pre-dents have done, I decided to post this on here to gain some more insight into what they're like and see if it'd be interesting. Here are some basic questions: How did you come across the internship opportunity? What kind of internship...
  4. J

    CHOP NHSSP / Junior Volunteers

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with Children Hospital of Philadelphia's "Neurology High School Scholars Project"? It sounds very interesting, but I was wondering what they had done in past years for the basic science or clinical research project? In addition, what they are specifically looking for in...
  5. N

    PhD/PsyD 2016-2017 Internship Application Thread

    This is early and before this years match day, but deadlines are looming and my head is full of projects and hours I hope to complete before application day. Where should I focus my attention first? We've got: Dissertation Hours/ Experience (assessment and integrated reports) I have 1 or 2 more...
  6. N

    Undergrad PT Internships?

    Hey guys, First just wanted to say I'm new to this website so if i screw something up forgive me. Second, I was recently offered an Internship under a DPT for sports rehab (one of the main fields im interested in). For a degree in exercise science we have an internship course the last semester...