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    Any fellow financiers?

    I was wondering if anyone else is coming from an IB or other finance background. I did 2 years in Middle Market IB within a Structured/HY muni group and I’m now in a corporate banking coverage group at a Bulge Bracket as an associate. I was wondering how folks found the process. I have...
  3. NIBC2017

    World's Largest National Investment Banking Competition: OPEN

    Hi folks, My name is Simon and my team is hosting the 2017 National Investment Banking Competition in Toronto, the largest investment banking competition globally for undergraduate and graduate students. Founded in 2007, NIBC attracts competitors from over 100 universities to compete for a...
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    3.45 GPA Undergrad - Investment Banking to Post Bacc

    Hi guys, Graduated from Private upper-mid tier university with a cumulative undergrad GPA of 3.45 in finance and intl bus 2120 SAT: math 760, writing 710, reading 650 Took close to none of the pre-reqs for med in undergrad as had AP classes for Chem and Math classes. Took humanities courses...