1. neuroace

    How many UCD international students get Irish medical internships?

    Per year.
  2. L

    Irish Medical School Chances

    Hello! I am a canadian and will be applying to Irish medical Schools 4 year programs for the 2019 application cycle. My cGPA is 3.3, but I have a big upward trend, I basically messed up my first year, then second year I got 3.5, third 3.71 and fourth 3.86. I still have one more year left for...
  3. C

    Atlantic Bridge - Chances?

    I am currently a sophomore who is applying to the Atlantic Bridge program for the upcoming year, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight into my chances of admission? My high school stats were eh - 3.3 cumulative. I turned things around my freshman year and ended with a 3.78 GPA...
  4. Ana_belle

    Irish ophthalmology residents

    Hi there! Are there any ophthalmology residents working in Ireland? I would like to know if residents in medical ophtalmology learn at least phaco and refractive surgery, or is it reserved only for purely surgical residents? And also, what do working conditions and salary look like? Thanks a...
  5. Irishlady

    UK citizens who studied medicine outside the EU who are not exempt from the PLAB

    Greetings everyone, This thread is for all those unfortunate UK citizens who studied outside of the UK and EU in order to complete their medical degree. I am sure I am not the only one who was horrified to learn that any UK citizen that studied outside of the EU has to complete the PLAB and...
  6. D

    Which Australian and Irish schools to apply to

    I am wondering if Australian or Irish med schools would be good for me. If so, which Australian and Irish schools should I apply to? Do they require ECFMG? I want to do residency and practice in the US. I have a 3.3O, a 3.4S, and a 494 MCAT. I applied DO and have been denied by some and still...
  7. jaygemscourgettigan

    University of Limerick GEMS 2016 Incoming Students

    Hey guys, I'm the EU student liaison for University of Limerick GEMS this year! If you successfully applied you should have gotten a congratulations letter with details of a Facebook group. There appears to have been some miscommunication or difficulty in accessing the page Below is the link to...