1. R

    Ross University Experience in Barbados

    Hello, everyone. I've recently been accepted to Ross University for the September 2019 term. I know that RUSM recently moved from the island of Dominica to the island of Barbados. It is hard to find info about RUSM that is not about student life in Dominica. So I would really appreciate it if...
  2. P

    St Matthews University SVM

    Just wondering from some people who interviewed with SMU-SVUM what kind of questions they were asked and how the skype interview process was? My interview is this coming Friday
  3. missnashvilletime

    Jobs in Grenada

    Hi guys! I searched the threads but didn't find anything pertaining to my question. I am awaiting to hear back from a couple vet schools, but this is my 3rd cycle so I'm beginning an application to SGU for fall 2017 so I can be in a school for sure by the time my MS here at A&M is finished. So...
  4. G

    Coney Island Hospital - IM Program

    There isn't a dedicated thread for Coney Island IM and I wanted to get one started. Anyone have any experience rotating at the hospital? Considering there's only 4 DO seats per year is it a competitive program? How do residents manage to live in Brooklyn when you only get $59 in the 1st year...