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    International Students in Turkey

    Hi guys! I know there are a few posts about medical schools in Turkey. However, I wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the Acibadem university of medicine. I would like to know if it is a good school and the student life in there. Are there many international students or is it purely...
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    Medical Schools in Turkey

    Hey guys, Do any of you are studying in Turkey? I happen to like the idea of studying medicine in Turkey but I can't really find the resources to help me with this. I've found a few med schools in Istanbul that interest me. Marmara University and Istanbul. I will be trying to the SAT for my...
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    Working in private University Hospital in Istanbul

    Hi everyone, I'm an Egyptian fully trained neurosurgeon who wants to practice in Turkey. I'm currently in Istanbul studying Turkish Language in Tomer . What are the essential steps to do in order to get a medical license to practice in one of the private hospitals here in Turkey. I'm not going...