1. M

    Keeping a dog alive in an emergency

    Hello all, this may seem a bit unorthodox, I am not in the medical profession at all, I am actually a ships engineer but two weeks ago something happened to me which has had my mind turning. I work on vessels which transport passengers, their cars and often pets. Actually there are a number of...
  2. Doctor Anton

    Test Tools The Apprentice Doctor Certified Venipuncture Course and Kit

    The Apprentice Doctor® Certified Venipuncture Course and Kit offers you guaranteed success in performing phlebotomy procedures - a great phlebotomy and IV-Skills course as well as an amazing accompanying phlebotomy skills practice kit. Our Phlebotomy Training Course & Kit Has Been Nominated...
  3. Doctor Anton

    Test Tools Realistic Anatomical Simulation Arm for Practicing Phlebotomy Procedures

    Life-like appearance, feel and touch Accurate anatomy – both dorsal (back of hand) and ventral (cubital fossa) surfaces of the arm Veins palpable and vaguely visible – as-if in a real patient Give-feel when entering a vein Great addition to your Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Kit! Perfect for...