Test Tools Realistic Anatomical Simulation Arm for Practicing Phlebotomy Procedures

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Doctor Anton

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Jan 4, 2010
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Life-like appearance, feel and touch

  • Accurate anatomy – both dorsal (back of hand) and ventral (cubital fossa) surfaces of the arm
  • Veins palpable and vaguely visible – as-if in a real patient
  • Give-feel when entering a vein
  • Great addition to your Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Kit!
  • Perfect for medical Simulation labs
  • Ideal for practicing:
    • Phlebotomy skills
    • Perfecting IV-technique
    • All venipuncture and injection techniques
  • Ideal for training nursing professionals and the range of medical and healthcare professionals!
  • Life-like appearance, feel and touch
  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Relevant IV-bag, IV-bag stand and tubes included!
One Arm available in the SDN Test Prep raffle!

To be considered in the raffle - just make a short comment on the importance of practicing phlebotomy on a simulation arm before starting performing phlebotomy procedures on real patients in a clinical setting or if you have done phlebotomy in a clinical setting - tell us about that first patient and your experience!

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This looks great, better than having to practice on a patient your first time.